Hello Colt Band Family!! Have you heard the great news about our Snap Raise Campaign? As of this am, one week after starting the campaign, we have raised $8959!! That's over $1000 a day! We're almost to our $10,000 goal, but let's keep working and see how far OVER our goal we can get!

And all this with only the effort on your part of giving your students email addresses for them to send out on their Snap Raise page. But we only have about 30% of our students who have actually entered emails and sent them out. We can do better than this!! If you haven't helped your student with email addresses here's an easy quick way to do that. Enter the email addresses you want to send into your Notes on your phone and then text the list to your student. It makes it very easy for them to enter the addresses into their Snap Raise page. Of course old school paper and pencil lists of emails that they can type in on their own works perfectly too.

Please make every effort to participate in this fundraiser. Other band programs across the state have raised over $40,000 using Snap Raise and their programs aren't near as big as ours. So parents help your kids out! Make sure they've entered their emails and let's keep raising money for our program!!

Natalie Farr and Stacy Schatzman

Fundraising Chairs

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