The Band needs your help!

With all the equipment, instruments and props we have for this year’s show, we need a total of 30 volunteers to serve as Drum Draggers and to serve on The Mooners Crew.

The Drum Draggers help drag instruments and equipment on and off the football field during our halftime shows.

The Mooners drag props on and off the field. They are called “The Mooners” because last year’s show was “Luna,” and the prop draggers moved the moon and stars for the Band!

If you are interested in helping with this, please contact the Drum Dragger Chairperson Tammy Chan at or by phone at 214-212-7958. She will get back in touch with you to tell you how and when you can help.

Please note that it is possible to serve as both a chaperone and as a Drum Dragger or Mooner.

All volunteers are required to register with the AISD. It’s very simple. Just click the following link and follow the instructions.


Tammy Chan

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