Feed the Band! Saturday 9/24/16

Saturday, September 24 is our first marching band competition. Because it will be such a long day, the band booster club will feed the students 3 times that day. Help is needed prepping and serving throughout the day. At 11:45 am the band will have CiCi's Pizza. The following food donations are requested for lunch: salads salad dressing pasta salad... fruit cookies drinks- Christa Searcy plates- Christa Searcy cups- Christa Searcy napkins- Christa Searcy

The band will have a light snack around 3:45 pm. The following food donations are requested for the snack: snack sized bags green grapes red grapes baby carrots hummus watermelon Craisins saltine crackers Ritz Crackers animal crackers

Finally, the band will be eating dinner Chick-fil-A for dinner, which the band boosters will be providing. If you can donate anything, help serve, or prep, please email me directly at fetpippins@sbcglobal.net 817-992-5434 Thanks so much for your help, band family! Frances Pippins Feed the Band

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