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It was a pleasure to meet the future members of our AHS Band family at the Colt Trail Drive!

You are beginning a very exciting journey with your incoming freshman and we are excited to walk with you in the journey. The Colt Band Family is made up of remarkable student and parents. It is an honor to be able to join your student as they create life long memories in the AHS Colt Band. There will be many opportunities for you to begin getting involved including Band Booster Club Meetings, Concerts, Student Activities and Marching Season. You will also be receiving additional information on how you can work the Texas Rangers Ballpark to earn “fairshare” toward your band fees. Look for additional information from Angie Dickens addickens717@yahoo.com

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A few upcoming events are: All City Band Classic January 27-28 Drum-a-thon February 3 AHS BBC General Meeting February 7th 6:00pm Freshman Round Up Date TBD UIL Solo & Ensemble February 24-25 (AHS)

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