UIL Solo & Ensemble

Parents and Students, I can't express enough how proud I am to teach at AHS. It was impressive, to say the least, the amount of support and help we received for today's UIL event. Thank you to the parents who helped with the concession stands and all the parents who were room monitors. The event was highly successful due to the dedication you have for your student and our program. A hot topic at TMEA were Booster Clubs and how programs are finding their Boosters weakening or completely falling apart and it encourages me to know ours is going strong! Lastly, thank you to all the students that helped either throughout the week, Friday, or Saturday. Without your help the school wouldn't have been ready to host. We had 35 1st division solos and 21 1st division ensembles. But wait there's more! This year we had 14 solos and 6 ensembles certify for State! So impressive!! I am so proud to say I am a COLT band director and it is an honor to serve you. Thanks,

Mr. Burum

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