April Ball Park Schedule

Hello Band Family! It is only 4 days until opening weekend at the Texas Rangers Ballpark!! We still have plenty of openings and are needing prep help, as well as managers. You can now earn "Fair Share" profits for each game worked as follows: Manager $50/game TABC $25/game Prep $20/game We are need of the following for the upcoming Opening week: Saturday (1:05 game) -- 4 prep (arrival time 10AM) Tuesday (7:05 game) -- 1 prep (arrival time 4 PM) Wednesday (7:05 game) -- 1 manager, 4 prep, and 6 dog wrappers (wrappers work 4-6:30) Friday (7:05 game) -- 1 manager, 1 TABC, and 4 prep You do not need to be an approved volunteer to work at the Ballpark. Anyone 16 years and older is eligible to work. You can still work as a prep help even if you are TABC certified! We are having a stand opening day next Wednesday, March 29 from 4 - 5:30ish, if you'd like to come help or just come browse and see what we have going. Please sign up at the following link: Rangers Ballpark April 2017 If you have any questions, please feel free to call anytime! 817-688-0253 Angie Dickens addickens717@yahoo.com


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