Ball Park Volunteers Needed!

Hello Colt Band Family, I would like to take a moment to share some of the things that the AHS Band Fundraisers cover. Rangers Ballpark is our largest fundraiser bringing in a net profit of about $28,000 per year. From this, we pay the parents/students an estimated $8000 a year to help cover band fees and trip fees. This leaves $20,000 for other band needs. One of the bands largest expenses is Feed the Band. In 2016, we spent $6000 just to feed the band at every UIL/marching band competition. We work very hard to ensure that your students fed wholesome meals so they can maintain their strength during competition. Another costly item is the maintenance of marching uniforms... we all know teenagers and the effect of Texas heat. These uniforms require periodic cleaning to assist the students with smelling their best:) Your fundraising dollars help cover this as well. In addition your dollars provide band scholarships, trailer equipment maintenance, marching tech/choreography, visual design, color guard materials, etc. These much needed expenses add up and allow us to compete each year. These are just a few items that your fundraising dollars support. Please consider signing up to support the ballpark in the months of May and June. When we are not able to fully staff the stand, we must pay the Ballpark to staff it in our place and we lose profits. There are many ways to help. We need managers who can arrive by 3-3:30 (for 7:05 game), count open inventory, open money, make sure the stand runs smoothly throughout the game, count closing inventory and closing money. Typically, managers finish the same time as those cleaning and we all leave together. Managers earn $50/ game toward your student's Fair Share account. There is an upcoming manager training May 22. Please let me know if you would like to attend We also need TABC help, which requires TABC online training. TABC are responsible for operating the cash registers, pouring beer during the game, and helping wherever needed. TABC receives $25/game toward your students Fair Share account. We need prep line help, which earns $20/ game to your student's Fair Share account. Prep line help folds boxes, cuts bread, takes orders from the customers, helps assemble the food by placing jalapenos on the 2 foot dogs. Wednesday's are $1 hot dogs so we need people who can come wrap dogs from about 4:30 to about 6:30. We sell 1200-1500 $1 hot dogs every Wednesday and it really helps when we have people who can wrap while we sell. I hear people say $20 is not much; however, when you think as an individual you can benefit and pay on your trip ... as a whole the entire band is well taken care of, fed , clean, and hydrated! I am attaching the links for May and June signups. We are still needing plenty of help. This is a great way to support our AHS Colts Marching Band and get to know other parents while we all work together to make this a success!

May : June:

If you have any questions, please feel free to call, text, or email anytime. Thank you, Angie Dickens 817-688-0253

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