Area Playoffs!

Area Playoffs!!

This information is for playoffs, Round 2. Since we won our game against Keller Fossil Ridge, we will follow this itinerary for our next playoff game over the Thanksgiving Holidays! We really appreciate you supporting our band and our school by having your student at this game! It will be a real memory maker for your child and a lot of fun for all of us! The Band cannot perform without your child. Please make every effort to attend. Students MUST be eligible to be able to attend this event! Date: Saturday, November 25 Location Ratliff Stadium

1862 E Yukon Rd, Odessa, TX 79765 Time of Game: 4:00 pm Meet at Band Hall for walkthrough of the show: 7:00 am

Students need to wear travel clothes with Show Shirt, black socks and shoes. They should be able to put their uniform on over whatever they are wearing. We cannot guarantee that we will have access to a changing area prior to the game. Watch the weather; you may need to wear long stuff under your uniform. If you bring a jacket, avoid pull over style jackets.

Breakfast: BBC will have breakfast for students at 7:45 am Load Buses 8:15 am By this time, students will have instruments in cases, flip folders and Hat boxes with them, and have double checked that they have shoes, socks, gloves, all in their uniform bags and that their bags are loaded on the trailer Students will load buses with instrument, hat box and personal belongings (instruments should fit under buses). We are going to have very full buses, do not bring excessive stuff!! Students may bring snacks, and FACTORY SEALED DRINKS!!! Any open containers will be discarded before we load buses. Drinks MUST have screw on lids so that they can be re-sealed. Avoid ultra-messy snacks! (Sunflower seeds in the shell etc.)

Depart: 8:45 am Arrive at Ratliff Stadium 2:00 pm Jason’s Deli delivered to the stadium for a late lunch. Put on Uniforms 2:45 pm

8:00 pm Game Over 8:20 pm Dinner: Chick-fil-a delivered to the Stadium for the students to eat on the buses on the way home. Arrive home at 1:00 am, please be in touch with your child so that you are here ready to pick them up!!

** Please watch for email updates thoughout the holidays!** Have a Happy Thanksgiving…see you soon! Thanks, Mr. Hejny

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