Band is Back!!!

Dear Parents and Students,

Band is finally back!! We have permission to begin rehearsals the week of August 3rd.

We are very excited to get to work, but we are going to start slow, and in a very thoughtful manner. Our number 1 goal is to keep students and staff safe!

We are going to be sending out a rehearsal schedule, procedure guidelines etc, and we are going to need parent help to make sure that we can be safe.

Parents, please assist us by NOT sending your children to rehearsal if they are showing any symptoms of possible illness.

When student drop off happens, students will need to stay in their cars until we symptom and temp check them. If they pass, they can park and go to line up with their director. If they fail, they need to go home.

We will be doing symptom checks, temperature checks, and social distancing. Since high school students are not natural social distancing people, we are starting in very small groups so that we can carefully teach safety procedures to students and teach them a new way to rehearse.

Very soon, you will be receiving a questionnaire about how you are comfortable having your child participate. Please fill out and submit.

The AHS Band will have a competitive show this year, and we need to know how many of our students and parents are "all in" so that if we have to tweak our marching numbers to be successful, we can do that now.

Here is the "Show Plan" in a nutshell

Competitive drill design, competitive music. Show Theme with props, costumes, flags (the whole deal!)

Use of Ultimate Drill Book to enhance learning.

Since we are not using "school uniforms" this year, we have plans for a student uniform look. All measurements will be taken at rehearsals, and band fees will cover the expense of the uniform.

More information coming! Please encourage your friends and fellow band families to watch the website for information.

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